Cacao & Cioccolato Biologico

Polvere di Cacao Biologica

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Burro di Cacao Biologico

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Cacao in Grani Biologico

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We source our delectable range of 100% organic cocoa products from certified suppliers in Europe. Our cocoa products meet the highest industry standards and can be selected and ordered based on your specific needs.

If you are looking to buy organic cocoa powder in bulk as an ingredient to add flavour or colour to foods, you can choose between natural and alkalized cocoa powders. While making your selection, keep in mind that, within the industry, alkalized organic cocoa is often called “Dutch cocoa” or “European style cocoa”. Cacao in its raw form is processed into natural or alkalized cocoa powders to align with food safety standards. Generally, all our cocoa products are suitable for a wide range of uses, and by no means limited to edibles. Our organic cocoa butter, for example, also lends itself to the cosmetics industry and is available in its unrefined as well as its deodorised form. Learn more about each product’s specifications and certifications on the detail pages.