Organic Cashew

Cashew W320 are not only a known source of energy but also have rich and delicious taste which being the reason that they are used in dishes. Cashwe are used as an ingredient but also eaten as a snack. Our organic cashews are:

  • 100% organic
  • availabe as W320
  • of the highest quality

All our prices are calculated with FREE DELIVERY in front of the buyer warehouse (DAP).

Starting from 9.45€/kg

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Our cashews

Our edible nuts are sourced according to the industry standard as well as specific customer specifications with a strong focus on food-safety and quality throughout the entire supply chain. We, therefore, ensure that our products meet all food safety regulatory requirements.


Sourcing from

We source our ebidle nuts from Daarnhouwer & Co. B.V. Established in 1908, Daarnhouwer supplies a wide range of edible nuts sourced from various origins. Their clientele stretches from the bakery and confectionary industry to the health food and snack industry. With the emphasis on quality and service, they have grown over the last century to become a leading European supplier of edible nuts. Cashews are in 22,68 kg vacuum cartons 1020 kg per pallet


Thanks to a long lasting relationship with our suppliers we source only premium products.


We always offer the best prices on the market whether you buy large or small quantities.


Our products are certified and guaranteed by world-class certification agencies and standards.

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