Frequently Asked Questions


Food industry buyers and suppliers at any point along the supply chain.

foodcircle's software is free!

Any costs for our logistics or financing services are quoted explicitly in the offer for any given enquiry.

Yes, foodcircle is organic certified by ABCert (DE-OKO-006). Contact our Operations Team to receive a copy of our certificate.

Your data is your data—we will never share it with third parties! This means that whether it's the price or any other information that you may add or exchange with your suppliers via foodcircle's platform is not accessible by any other marketplace participant. Ever.


Email us anytime: You're welcome to schedule a call or meet with us in our office (we make excellent Italian coffee).

foodcircle provides a digital way to order from your existing suppliers. Simply set up a free account to get started. If you need help we are always happy to support you.

Yes, please specify when you want the goods to be delivered whilst placing your order. If you log in to your account, you can also note your preferences in your dashboard. Please note that the exact delivery date depends on the suppliers' availability. We can ship orders as soon as the goods are available for pickup from the supplier.

To track the status of your order, simply log in to your account and view the order in your digital dashboard. We will also keep you informed about the status of your order via email.

We are here to help! If you encounter any issues with your order, please email: Please remember to include your order number in your email so we can process your request!

No, we are a digital service provider. Our order management systems allows you to order with all your suppliers online. We also help extend your payment terms with your suppliers within the EU.


Using your VAT number we run a free and real-time credit check. Once a credit limit is set, you are able to use our financing solution. Order through your existing supplier via the foodcircle platform and choose your payment terms.

Based on your credit score and your financial risk assesment, we offer you payment terms for up to 120 days.

The financing landscape is highly complex with many steps and actors involved. Thanks to our digital integrations, we are able to streamline credit checks via our trusted partners and offer you unbeatable payment terms. Furthermore, we have developed a unique insurance solution specifically tailored to F&B companies together with our partners.


You can request our logistics services when placing an order on the foodcircle platform. We then reach out to multiple logistics partners via our digital order system, compare their prices and services, and offer you the best quote based on your needs.

When working directly with your own suppliers, you are free to select the INCOTERMS. foodcircle is also happy to provide you with this service to help you save time and money. Please visit our Logistics page for more information. If needed, you can also request logistics service price comparisons.

You are in the driver seat when it comes to your orders, meaning that you can always decide if you want us to handle your logistics for you. Please head to our Logistics page to learn more about the services we offer

Absolutely! We simply offer logistics solutions to help reduce your workload and allow you to secure the most competitive prices.

This depends on the location and availability of the supplier as well as your location. With your suppliers, our digital tools generally speed up these process by at least 30%. We work hard to accommodate our customers' individual needs and deliver products based on the delivery date you request. On rare occasions, we've even managed to deliver products in under 24 hours!