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Industry Insights · 13min read

The Business Case for Ethical Procurement in the Food Industry

Find out how your business’s bottom line can benefit from ethical sourcing in troubled times. Could it be the right time for your busi...
Industry Insights · 13min read

Small Medium Enterprises (SME): The European Food Industry Landscape

Explore some of the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly-evolving industry. The latest estimates show that the EU food and drin...
Industry Insights · 16min read

11 Exciting Platforms Helping Businesses Reduce Carbon and Offset Emissions

Whether you are a food producer, manufacturer or packager, partner with these platforms and help the industry tackle climate change from ...
Industry Insights · 17min read

VAT for Businesses in the EU

Familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of value-added tax for your food business. Table of Contents  What is VAT? What are...
Industry Insights · 16min read

Sustainable Manufacturing: An Intro for Food Businesses | foodcircle

Explore some simple processes you can adopt in your business to help build a more environmentally sustainable food system.  Table of C...
Industry Insights · 10min read

8 Women Driving Innovation Along the Food Supply Chain

To celebrate International Women's Day, on March 8th, we shine a spotlight on eight exciting professionals who are driving innovation alo...
Industry Insights · 13min read

10 Sustainable Brands to Watch in the Food Manufacturing & Distribution Space

From plant-based alternatives to sun-powered proteins, low-impact packaging to resource-efficient production and beyond. While sustain...
Industry Insights · 9min read

New (Food) Packaging Laws in Europe

These new legislative changes are coming your way in 2022!  The long list of ambitious targets laid out by governments for the next de...
Industry Insights · 10min read

Food Supply Chain Outlook 2022 | foodcircle

Discover potential structural changes, effects of pricing and inflation, further digitisation and automation as well as the advent of cir...
Industry Insights · 9min read

How to Improve Your Business’s Credit Score

7 easy steps to a better score. If your business received a bad credit score, any number of reasons could be the root of the cause. Wh...

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