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Book Now: Food Analyses with Eurofins

Enjoy fast and easy digitised ingredient testing thanks to foodcircle’s collaboration with Eurofins.

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Eurofins, one of the world’s leading laboratory testing services. Eurofins conducts +200,000 testing methods in +800 laboratories across +45 countries. The global player’s extensive and highly prestigious portfolio includes not only food and feed testing but also agro testing, environment testing, cosmetic testing and clinical diagnostics, amongst other types of testing, while offering best-in-class service. 

Today, foodcircle is helping propel Eurofins’s portfolio forward further in the digital sphere. Customers on both sides benefit from a collaborative form of horizontal diversification which creates added value to all parties; foodcircle actively recommends Eurofins to its ever-growing network of international F&B manufacturers and suppliers and provides access to highly digitally integrated food procurement processes while Eurofins provides foodcircle’s customer base with state-of-the-art testing tailored to their needs.

Faster testing on-demand in any area of your choosing.

foodcircle and Eurofins are both changing the way lab tests are selected and conducted. 

As part of our collaboration, we provide direct access to Eurofins’s routine and special analyses and core competencies. These include, but are not limited to, pesticides, heavy metals and trace elements, dioxins, furans and PCBs, mycotoxins and plant toxins, organic contaminants, vitamins and amino acids, carbohydrates and dietary fibre, authenticity and control of origin, microbiology, allergens, radiation and GMOs. Beyond standardised tests, you can also request further analytics services, such as audits, training, labelling checks, sampling at point of origin and more.

Simply sign in or sign up to foodcircle (it’s free), to easily submit an enquiry in just a few clicks directly via your digital dashboard on our website. We have also listed the most common lab tests on our respective product description pages for your reference. Our expert Sales Team is also always happy to offer support and provide individualised recommendations based on your business’s specific needs. 

Thanks to our digital integrations, at foodcircle, we are able to maintain the record response times we have established in our procurement portfolio for laboratory testing as well. Whether you would like to book a series of standardised lab tests on every order or come to us once in a blue moon with a highly specified request, our laboratory services are 100% on-demand and fully adaptable.


Get everything in one place, digitally.

Our collaboration with Eurofins marked an important milestone in foodcircle’s long-term vision of becoming a one-stop-destination—alias ecosystem—for F&B companies along the entire food supply chain. With the help of our tailor-made digital solutions, your business is empowered to grow faster, become more resilient and operate more efficiently.

Eurofins takes great pride in its extensive expertise in analytical techniques and regulations, competence centres with a high degree of analytical specialisation, intense research and development activities and continuous acquisition of advanced technologies, while always ensuring the quality and safety of your products. 

Meanwhile, at foodcircle, you can order from all your suppliers, enjoy easy financing and get cost-efficient logistics solutions—all in one place. This includes 24/7 access to all your samples, results, documentation and certification, faster turn-around times with online sample registration and analysis and easily accessible customer-specific information online.


Save time and money!

We guarantee speedy delivery of your documents and results thanks to our streamlined digital processes. Furthermore, we are able to offer significantly lower prices for laboratory tests than businesses can acquire on their own because our collaboration allows us to secure volume-based deals.


Fast-track for manufacturers.

Eager to benefit from the terms of our collaboration? If you book your lab analyses through foodcircle, the process is sweet and simple:

You let us know which lab tests you would like to have, we collect the sample and deliver it to the relevant Eurofins lab. Once the analyses are completed, a PDF will be made available to you directly via your digital dashboard. 


Best-value deals for suppliers.

Whether you have recently produced a new batch and require all the basic certificates or are simply looking to run extra tests to create added value for your ingredients, we partner with qualified suppliers from around the world, and will be happy to support you with your request. Not only will you save money with some of the lowest industry prices, but as a supplier, any of our customers who order through you will automatically be able to download the results of your tests directly from our website. 

Simply contact us and outline your needs, and we will send you a quotation via your digital dashboard.

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