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foodcircle’s Logistics Solutions Solve Real Customer Problems

Learn how to secure volume-based deals, avoid tedious paperwork, reduce your business's financial risks and more with foodcircle.

With the relaunch of our procurement platform in June 2021, we knew we had built a product that would become successful. Why? Because it was designed from start to finish to solve actual customer problems. Our team spent two years fully integrated into the supply chain as a wholesale organic ingredient broker to make this possible. We also conducted countless in-depth interviews with our customers—in our case, both buyers and suppliers—during this time. As such, we were fully equipped to tailor our platform to the needs of our customers.

To outline the benefits of choosing food logistics solutions, we have highlighted some of the key problems we set out to solve below:

Challenges Customers Face

foodcircle Logistics Solutions

Small to medium-sized businesses rarely gain access to volume-based deals. As a result, they pay substantial fees for the transportation of their ingredients.

foodcircle has built an extensive network of trusted industry partners, allowing us to bundle orders and secure volume-based deals. Thus, you save money, regardless of the size of your business or the scale of your orders.


→ Did you know? foodcircle customers have saved up to 35% on logistics costs thanks to our volume-based contracts.

For many F&B companies, logistics is a tedious and lengthy process that consumes a tremendous amount of resources — particularly time spent researching dispatchers and comparing prices, communicating with logistics providers and finalising contracts.

foodcircle has direct, personal access to an extensive partner database. As such, we manage all incoming requests in-house as well as handle pricing and contracting on your behalf. All you have to do is tell us when you want your products and where. We handle the rest. 


→ Did you know? foodcircle works to match customer requirements with some of the most affordable quotations on the market!

Even when customers place orders at the exact same terms (meaning the same ingredient at the same quantity), they often have to start the aforementioned inquiries, paperwork and communications processes all over again.

foodcircle’s ‘reorder’ feature allows you to reorder the same ingredients at the same terms in just one click!

Customers also waste tremendous resources handling logistics-induced claims, such as for damaged or lost goods or chasing down late arrivals. This proves tricky for startups and smaller businesses that do not have large logistics departments and thus often lack the resources and know-how to handle these claims.

foodcircle works hard to ensure that orders are delivered on time and will always notify you proactively if a shipment is experiencing a delay. As the intermediary between customers and carriers, foodcircle also handles any damages or losses during transport.

Customers grapple with the time spent handling the documentation with their logistics partners, i.e. calling hotlines, requesting receipts or claims, filling out customs forms, filing analogue paperwork etc.

foodcircle automatically generates and saves all delivery notes directly to your digital dashboard. 


→ Did you know? If you do your logistics via foodcircle, you will only ever have to deal with one point of contact. 

Due to the overall lack of transparency around delivery times and dates, customers spend a lot of time emailing or calling dispatchers to find out when their product is arriving or why it is late.

foodcircle provides tracking across Europe.

Goods often get tied up in unnecessary stops or travel unnecessary or inefficient routes, which leads to longer delivery times.

foodcircle ensures that your ingredients are delivered to you via the most time-saving and cost-efficient routes


→ Did you know? foodcircle has access to Europe’s widest food logistics network!

Single customers have little leverage when drawing up contracts and are often left with little choice but to agree to terms that incur high levels of financial risk or responsibility.

Thanks to economies of scale, foodcircle can provide you with more extensive and secure insurance packages which reduce your company’s financial risks and responsibilities.


Intrigued? Head over to our Logistics page to learn more about our food logistics solutions!

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