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Save Time & Money with foodcircle’s Outsourcing Procurement Solutions

Take a closer look at how we can help you significantly boost your business’s efficiency.

foodcircle is an end-to-end food procurement platform. Our service portfolio was born from the belief that the key to building a successful and sustainable business is falling in love with your industry’s problems and using this approach to solve real challenges

Over a two-year period, our team of industry professionals conducted over 50 qualitative customer surveys with F&B companies. We harnessed information to build prototypes and develop beta features before showing them to our customers, collecting new rounds of feedback and improving our solutions further. As such, foodcircle is contributing to rapid transformation along the entire supply chain and proud to call itself a procurement pioneer with easy sourcing, logistics and payment solutions, all in one place!

We gathered exciting insights about the painstaking and inefficient nature of traditional procurement processes throughout. Having spent the past months rolling out our new procurement portfolio, we are carefully monitoring the extent to which our digital solutions have helped our customers boost their efficiency thus far. The following overviews shed light on these claims:



Diving a little deeper, below, we outline some of the steps involved in procuring ingredients for customers who opt to stick with the traditional route versus those who choose to procure with foodcircle’s digital solutions.

The time—and thus money—wasted in the traditional sourcing process is largely attributed to the lack of efficiency concerning research, communication and organisation. Buyers spend tremendous amounts of time looking for suppliers, grappling with long email chains, organising information and managing documents. In contrast, foodcircle’s digital sourcing process combines a pre-vetted top-tier supplier network and digital tools to simplify the steps, reduce actors and minimise emails needed drastically. Furthermore, all data and documentation is available in one place and easily accessible at all times.



The ease of credit checks and longer payment terms sets foodcircle’s digital payment solutions apart from traditional solutions. This is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses who often struggle to navigate this sphere and acquire fair terms. With the help of foodcircle, buyers can get access to significantly longer payment terms which, in turn, allows them to increase their working capital and thus maintain a positive cash flow.

On the logistics front, customers spend tremendous amounts of time researching transportation routes and providers (e.g. their supplier vs their own carrier vs other logistics providers), continually monitoring their delivery status and communicating with the logistics company when problems arise. foodcircle handles all these areas on customers’ behalf at a minimal cost. This allows customers to focus the resources we help free up on other areas of their business. foodcircle ships all over Europe and works with an extensive network of established and pre-vetted industry partners and carriers, which helps maximise flexibility and efficiency.


When examining individual steps within the process, it becomes clear that one of the biggest time and money savers is the reduction of the overall number of steps needed to complete an action, as well as the transparency around the individual steps and overall documentation.

At foodcircle, we are continually working to improve our solutions and processes, thus these are subject to change down the line. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our Sales Team anytime via email (

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