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Industry Insights · 9min read

New (Food) Packaging Laws in Europe

These new legislative changes are coming your way in 2022!  The long list of ambitious targets laid out by governments for the next de...
Interviews · 15min read

Interview with Natalia Spinetto from Collectiv Food

Explore Collectiv Food’s groundbreaking distribution model, rigorous approach to food supply vetting, transparent pricing schemes and mor...
Interviews · 6min read

Interview with Yani Dragov from Smart Organic

Learn about competitiveness, risks and challenges in the organic ingredients market. About Smart Organic Since its founding in 2009...
Industry Insights · 10min read

Food Supply Chain Outlook 2022 | foodcircle

Discover potential structural changes, effects of pricing and inflation, further digitisation and automation as well as the advent of cir...
Interviews · 11min read

Interview with Tosin Jack from Mintec

Explore commodity price forecasting benefits and tools for F&B procurement. About Mintec  Founded in 1982, ​​Mintec is the worl...
Industry Insights · 9min read

How to Improve Your Business’s Credit Score

7 easy steps to a better score. If your business received a bad credit score, any number of reasons could be the root of the cause. Wh...
Industry Insights · 9min read

Fintech Solutions for Food Players Along the Supply Chain

Discover some of the top tech companies revolutionising food and finance. The convergence of fintech and foodtech marks the dawn of a ...
Interviews · 11min read

Interview with Nusa Urbancic from the Changing Markets Foundation

Take a closer look at the challenges, approaches and goals of the low-carbon food sector transition. About the Changing Markets Founda...
Industry Insights · 10min read

Company Credit Check: Why a Bad Credit Score?

Get to the root of bad business credit scores by learning what mistakes to avoid and why. Regardless of where your company is integrat...
Industry Insights · 16min read

B2B eProcurement Platforms: A Rapidly Evolving Landscape

Next-gen stakeholders, digitalisation, consumer-centricity, resource efficiency, one-stop marketplace solutions and purpose-driven procur...

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