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Industry Insights · 26min read

The Shipping Container: History, Facts, Benefits & More

Explore the shipping container’s evolution, benefits, laws, facts, acronyms and more. A Brief Chronological History   ...
Trends · 3min read

Food Industry Trend Watch: # 1 Diversity

The promotion of agrobiodiversity and healthy microbiomes. In this six-part series, we explore the biggest food industry trends of 202...
Industry Insights · 4min read

Organics in Numbers

Learn about the size of the EU's organic agricultural area, discover organic agri-food import and export volumes and more!  Earlier th...
Industry Insights · 9min read

Alternatives to Animal Testing in Cosmetics in the EU

Explore the industry's cruelty-free practices: in vitro, in silico and human volunteers. History The first larger movement within t...
Interviews · 9min read

Interview with Brij Sahi & Joana Gomes from SwissDeCode

Explore how rapid and portable DNA detection solutions are contributing to safer supply chains. About SwissDeCode SwissDeCode provi...
Industry Insights · 8min read

#FoodInsights Webinar: Episode 1 - Key Insights

We have compiled the key insights from our first webinar on organic food supply chain challenges and solutions for you below. In this ...
Trends · 12min read

2021 Trend Watch: Cosmetics & Personal Care Industries

Explore the arrival of waterless cosmetics, the convergence of foods and cosmetics, the demand for organic ingredients, the rise of low-i...
Interviews · 14min read

Interview with Dylan Duinmaijer and Stéphanie de Jong from The Fast Good Company

Dive headfirst into the plant-based frozen food sector and learn how this exciting startup is shaking up the industry with tasty, healthy...
Industry Insights · 23min read

16 Exciting Sustainable Cosmetics Brands

Discover the latest clean and conscious cosmetics brands that are revolutionising the vegan, fair trade, organic and zero waste categorie...
Interviews · 8min read

Interview with Julia Piechotta from Spoontainable

Learn about sustainability in the ice cream industry, plastic-free packaging and more. About Spoontainable  “Don’t waste it. Taste ...

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