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The future of food procurement is digital.
At foodcircle, the future is now.

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Mission & Vision

Digital solutions conquer complex challenges

Our vision is to help propel the European food industry forward through agile food procurement solutions.

Our mission is to harness cutting edge technologies to promote efficiency along the entire supply chain.

Ordering, financing and logistics—all in one place and at your fingertips.

Our Manifesto

Technology is a blessing, but the globalised food industry is still lagging decades behind in many areas. We're here to change that.

Always innovate.
Scout globally, deliver locally.
Keep it simple.
Foster transparency and traceability.

"We experienced first-hand how backward ingredient procurement processes were. And so we decided to fix it."

Our Founders

foodcircle was founded by a close-knit team of highly successful entrepreneurs and business angels with extensive foodtech experience.
Alessandro Petrucciani
Tech Entrepreneur & foodcircle Co-Founder
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Flavio Bezzeccheri
Tech Entrepreneur & foodcircle Co-Founder
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Dario Maritano
Food Entrepreneur & foodcircle Co-Founder
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