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Industry Insights

Contaminants & Toxins in Foods

Learn which substances to review and request laboratory tests for in foods.  Because foods labelled as organic may not contain hormone...
Industry Insights

IoTs in Food Manufacturing #1: Streamlined Logistics & Operational Efficiency

Explore production & processing, warehouse & inventory management, packaging & delivery. In this four-part series, we delv...

Interview with Claudia Rössler from Microsoft

Discover how Microsoft is harnessing state-of-the-art technology to transform the agriculture industry. Learn more about Azure FarmBeats,...
Industry Insights

Organic Food Fraud in the EU: Meaning, Examples & Prevention

Learn why and how to protect your business from organic food fraud. What is food fraud? The term ‘food fraud’ refers to the mislabe...
Industry Insights

Cocoa Pricing

Learn what drives cocoa commodity pricing and why cocoa market prices have evolved in recent years. What drives cocoa pricing? The ...

Food Industry Trend Watch: #6 The Return of Ancient Grains & Legumes

Chickpeas and other highly nutritious ingredients are making a comeback. In this six-part series, we explore the biggest food industry...
Industry Insights

Food Waste in the EU's Food Supply Chains

Learn facts about food waste and explore basic solutions for the reduction of food waste for manufacturers in the retail sector. Food ...

Food Industry Trend Watch: #5 Sustainability

Data points to sustainability as one of the keys to businesses' success in the future. Need we say more? In this six-part series, we e...

Interview with Katharina Rütze from KitchenTown Berlin

Learn how this exciting platform is helping start-ups and founders successfully bring products to market. About KitchenTown Berlin ...

Top Food Industry Trends 2021 | Transparency & Communication

Good practices and open communication are the only way forward. In this six-part series, we explore the biggest food industry trends o...

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