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Organic Farming and Food: An Industry Overview

Dive into the European market to learn more about consumer-driven motives for choosing organic foods and the core challenges the industry is currently tackling.

In 2019, organic agricultur...



foodcircle Interviews: Alessandro Piano

Meet Alessandro Piano, Dutch cocoa expert and chocolate lover. 

After completing a degree in food chemical engineering in the Netherlands, Alessandro Piano went on to join his father’s co...



3 Brands Using Innovative Ingredients in the Food Industry

Learn about our new-found love for lupin proteins, edible algae, cacao-fibre spoons.

Yearning to taste some of the most innovative ingredients circulating the food industry today? Learn abou...


Industry Insights

Three Certifications for Food Manufacturers

A closer look at EU Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.

Society is changing, individuals are questioning now more than ever how and where the products they buy come from and the impa...


Trends Products

Understanding Cocoa: Trends

In 2017/18 world production of cocoa was at 4.6 million tonnes and global demand for cocoa is forecasted to grow.1 In our series on “Understanding Cocoa”, we explore market trends and regulations i...


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