Digitalise Your Clients' Ingredient Procurement & Supply Processes

Save time & money with foodcircle's state-of-the-art digital supplier services!

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All in one place

foodcircle's technology collects inquiries about your products, purchase orders and contracts all in one place so that you can manage and respond to them with ease. You will be amazed at how much precious time you save.

Logistics made easy

We make sure your products get from A to B swiftly and safely, while also handling any necessary claims en route. Meanwhile, you sit back and relax. Thanks to our trusted supply chain network, we can access preferred prices for shipping throughout Europe.

Risk-free financing solutions

We pay you upfront to guarantee your financial security. We offer your clients payment plans up to 90 days to support their growth potential and maximise their order volumes. Thus, the responsibility for ensuring your clients’ financial solvency falls on our shoulders, and you never have to worry about their payments.

We respect your data

Your privacy is your privacy. And your trust is our utmost priority. We would never share your data with third parties without your consent. Period.

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We carefully select our suppliers based on their portfolios and certifications, as well as our clients’ needs and requests. Please register on our website to give us a better understanding of who you are and what you do.

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