Discover 3 Leading Online Spice Traders in the DACH Market

Zoom in on Vom Achterhof, Bergkräuter and Just Spices.

Vom Achterhof

Thanks to a diverse portfolio and steady commitment to sustainable sourcing, Vom Achterhof prides itself on being one of the most established online spice traders in Germany and Austria. In 2010, Vom Achterhof moved its headquarters from Wuppertal to an ecologically friendly and economically viable refurbished barn in the East Frisian town Großsander. The brand’s core philosophy? Work with nature, not against it.

“We know where the most aromatic vanilla grows and can bring you the most authentic chilli powder.”  - Vom Achterhof

Vom Achterhof’s portfolio comprises a vast range of products from the following categories: pepper, spices, salts, spice mixes, supplements, teas, dried fruits, herbs, ayurveda, and nuts. Thanks to strict vetting processes, Vom Achterhof ensures the quality and purity of every product sold. Customers won’t find any adulterated spices, artificial aromas, or unwanted additives on this online store’s shelves. Be it Indian turmeric root, Hungarian paprika powder or Moroccan mint, Vom Achterhof sources plant-based, organically certified, additive-free ingredients from a prestigious network of trusted producers and wholesalers that extends across the globe.

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Nestled in Hirschbach im Mühlkreis, a municipality in northern Austria’s hill-scapes, Bergkräuter is one of the nation’s leading farmers’ cooperatives. The cooperative was founded in 1986 by a group of small-scale Austrian livestock farmers who were struggling to survive. By pooling their agricultural land and know-how, and channelling their resources toward the cultivation and distribution of organic herbs, the farmers succeeded in securing their survival, penetrating new markets, and generating new business. Today, Bergkräuter comprises over 100 growers who supply the cooperative with a healthy mix of spices, teas, sugars and sweeteners, juices, personal care products, condiments

“Quality. Regionality. Environmentally conscious.” - Bergkräuter

Their credo? A clear corporate strategy, high quality standards, and environmental awareness with a focus on regionality. Bergkräuter invites consumers to look behind the scenes and experience how their products are cultivated and managed first-hand with guided tours of the cooperative’s operational facilities and fields, and product tastings. In addition to purchasing products online, customers can also purchase Bergkräuter products in Die Kräuterei. the cooperative’s brick-and-mortar-store in Hirschbach.

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Just Spices

An up-and-coming star in the European spice landscape, Just Spices is taking the industry by a storm with its playfully branded, high-quality pure spices and spice blends. Just Spices has been clear on its commitment to selling 100% natural, high-quality ingredients that do not contain any artificial aromas or additives from day one. Today, the Duesseldorf-based delivers flavourful goodness and fresh inspiration to kitchens across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Spain. 

“We want people to recognise that spices not only have a powerful impact on how foods taste but that each spice has its own story to tell.” - Just Spices

Just Spices’s ever-growing portfolio currently features 160+ spices mixes, including a hummus topping, Mediterranean vegetable all-rounder, and rice all-rounder, 30+ pure spices, such as turmeric, pepper, and paprika, and 25+ fixed meal preparations for simplified takes on the likes of lentil avocado salad and shakshuka. Earlier this year, Just Spices made headlines after successfully securing €13 million in Series B funding from Five Seasons Ventures, Coefficient Capital, and Bitburger Ventures.

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