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Food Supply Chain Outlook 2022 | foodcircle

Discover potential structural changes, effects of pricing and inflation, further digitisation and automation as well as the advent of cir...
Industry Insights

How to Improve Your Business’s Credit Score

7 easy steps to a better score. If your business received a bad credit score, any number of reasons could be the root of the cause. Wh...
Industry Insights

Fintech Solutions for Food Players Along the Supply Chain

Discover some of the top tech companies revolutionising food and finance. The convergence of fintech and foodtech marks the dawn of a ...
Industry Insights

Company Credit Check: Why a Bad Credit Score?

Get to the root of bad business credit scores by learning what mistakes to avoid and why. Regardless of where your company is integrat...
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B2B eProcurement Platforms: A Rapidly Evolving Landscape

Next-gen stakeholders, digitalisation, consumer-centricity, resource efficiency, one-stop marketplace solutions and purpose-driven procur...
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Top Food Procurement Pain Points

Food manufacturers shared their biggest sourcing, logistics & financing struggles with us. At foodcircle, we’ve made it our missio...
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Untapped Potential: European B2B FoodTech Investments

Crunching the numbers on this rapidly-growing, multi-billion-Euro market. A Brief Market Overview FoodTech is a complex web of star...
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6 Effective Food Procurement Tips: How to Scale Your Operations & Grow Your Business

Table of Contents Digitalise & Automate Processes Using One Simple Tool Centralise Communication Harness Economies of Scale...
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foodcircle’s Logistics Solutions Solve Real Customer Problems

Learn how to secure volume-based deals, avoid tedious paperwork, reduce your business's financial risks and more with foodcircle. With...
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7 Easy Ways to Save Money in Your Ingredient Procurement Efforts

Take these steps to propel your business forward. When you reduce your expenses, you directly increase your revenue, which translates ...

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