Organic Japanese Tea

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Organic Japanese Tea

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Our portfolio features two types of 100% certified organic Japanese teas. Sencha is a loose-leaf organic green tea with needle-shaped leaves. It is dark green and tastes characteristically dry and sweet. Gyokuro is also a loose-leaf green tea, however, it is milder than sencha. Its needle-shaped leaves are bright marine green and taste sweet. Our organic Japanese teas are sourced from the first and highest grade harvests in Japan.

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About This Product

Our Japanese teas, Sencha tea and Gyokuro tea, are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. While Sencha is sweeter and typically more floral, Gyokuro's flavours tend to be richer. Gyokuro is considered one of the highest grade green teas in the world. While the two look surprisingly similar, they are harvested at different times of the year and often in different regions, contributing to their individual flavour profiles.


MOQ 30 Kg
Logistics / Shipping Info Orders can be shipped throughout Europe with EXW or DAP incoterms.
Origin Japan
Application For direct consumption (steeped in hot water).
Packaging Bulk packaging with doypacks inside
Storage In a cool (15°C - 20°C), dry (ERH max. 60%), and dark place
Allergens None
Additional Info This product is gluten-free and vegan.
Sample Express samples are delivered upon request in Europe.


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