Organic Natural Whole Almonds

Organic almonds are extremely healthy and packed with nourishing properties. They also provide a superior flavor to non-organic nuts. Almonds are packed with protein, super-healthy fats, fiber and many other nutrients. They can be used for baking or as a snack, both alone or with other nuts, seeds, chocolate or dried fruit. Our almonds are:

  • 100% organic
  • natural Valencia
  • of the highest quality from Spain

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Our Organic Almond

Almonds, in addition to guaranteeing great respect for the environment and being of the highest quality, are highly versatile and available in many varieties and shapes suitable for different product applications. We offer almonds with various characteristics, in terms of size, classes, and other specific indications. Valencia almonds are in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg per pallet


  •   Organic Manufacturer Certificate


Our organic almonds are sourced from Valencia, Spain. Valencia almonds are in 25 kg bags, 1000 kg per pallet


Thanks to a long lasting relationship with our suppliers we source only premium products.


We always offer the best prices on the market whether you buy large or small quantities.


Our products are certified and guaranteed by world-class certification agencies and standards.

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