Organic Pink Peppercorn

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Organic Pink Peppercorn

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Pink peppercorns are dried fruits from the evergreen Schinus molle or Schinus terebinthifolius tree. The berries grow in clusters before being harvested and dried. Thanks to their vibrant reddish-pink colour and deep peppery flavour, pink peppercorns are increasingly utilised in cuisines around the world as a substitute for black pepper. Our 100% organic pink peppercorns have a sweet and sugary turpentine note, and the flavour unfolds best when crushed or ground.

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MOQ 500 Kg
Logistics / Shipping Info Orders can be shipped throughout Europe with EXW or DAP incoterms.
Origin Madagascar
Application Used in savory recipes as an exciting alternative to conventional black pepper.
Shelf Life 24 - 36 months
Packaging 5 kg, 20 kg box
Storage In a cool (15 - 20°C), dry (ERH max. 65%), and dark place
Laboratory Analysis
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Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Pesticides, Microbiological results, Volumetry, Ashes, Illegal Dyes, GMO, Mineral oil hydrocarbons, Ethylene oxide/2-Chloroethanol, Heavy metals HTC, 3-MCPD esters and Glycidol, Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids, Tropane alkaloids, and more analyses upon request.
Sample Express samples are delivered upon request in Europe.


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