Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Our 100% organic sweet almond oil is a delectable ingredient in cosmetics, personal care products and foods.

  • Product: 100% organic sweet almond oil
  • Variants: Refined, cold-pressed

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  • Allergens: None
  • Store: In a cool (max. 15°C), dry place protected from sunlight and preferably in a nitrogen blanket
  • Shelf life: 16 months
  • Packaging: Metal or plastic drums, plastic kegs


Our organic sweet almond oil is a clear golden-yellow liquid with a characteristically mild odour and flavour. Organic sweet almond oil contains high levels of oleic acid (62 - 86%) as well as medium levels of linoleic acid and palmitic acid.

We source our organic sweet almond oil from certified organic suppliers.

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Almond trees are cultivated in warm and subtropical climates around the globe. Almond fruits are typically harvested in autumn. They are then shelled and split to removed the seeds which are then dried before being cold-pressed to extract the oil. The resulting sweet almond oil is then decanted and filtered.

In the cosmetics industry, sweet almond oil is utilised for the production of skin oils, massage oils, bath oils, lip care, ointments, creams, baby care products and hair care products. In the food industry, it is utilised for salad dressings and warm dishes as well as in the preparation of desserts and baked goods.


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