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8th April 2020
Snacks in Demand During COVID-19  - BakeryandSnacks 
While the foodservice industry is suffering under the effects of entire nations staying at home, the international food conglomerate Cargill, reported that they are working at maximum capacity to meet current demands in snacks. Understandably, foods which are easily consumed at home have seen surges in demand. 
EU Agri-Food  - FoodIngredientsFirst  
The crop and animal production in the EU is battling against the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly the fruits, vegetables, dairy, beef, veal, sheep and goat meat sectors are struggling as demand has decreased dramatically. Appeals have been made to the European Commission for support. 
7th April 2020
Five insiders from different sectors within the food and beverage industry reveal what measures their companies are taking, how they are being affected by the virus and what lessons have been drawn for the future; the supply chain of their products and their origin are given renewed focus. 
6th April 2020
The World Food Program (WFP) has released a report detailing its analysis on the economic and food security-related repercussions of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Despite sufficient supply and "minimal" disruptions, however, a loss of confidence in the flow of goods may cause prices to spike. As is often the case, the world's poorest would be most affected. 
Despite the recent rushes to empty the supermarket shelves around the world, the food industry is trying to manage the food surplus. While food produced for the foodservice industry is wasting away, individuals relaying in non-profit organisations for food have even more access. Such grants help the redistribution of food to where it is most needed and calls for greater cooperation in the food industry.  
3rd April 2020
As the food industry across the world has been impacted, Food+Tech Connect, a platform for food innovators, initiated a list of resources to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19. As contributions are welcome the list of global and regional resources is growing daily. 
Despite travel restrictions and isolation measures around the country, Germany borders are to be reopened in order to allow seasonal workers with the spring harvest. Farmers and retailers across the country had warned that the failure to do so, would result in shortages of fresh produce. 
2nd April 2020
Drop in the Demand of Major Commodities due to COVID-19  - Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) 
According to the FAO Food Price Index, international prices for common food commodities fell in March. The declining demand is attributed to the worsening economic situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FAO's Senior Economist Abdolreza Abbassian states. 
To support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic companies in the food industry are sending the sizable donations to where its currently needed most, to support healthcare systems worldwide and healthcare workers on the front lines. 
1st April 2020
FAO Outlines Measures to Ensure Global Food Supplies - Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) 
FAO Chief Economist Maximo Torero Cullen highlighted the interconnectivity of the global food system and offered up measures towards mitigating shocks to agriculture and food systems. 
31st March 2020
As COVID-19 continues to spread, Europe's suppliers of fresh food, such as Kenya and South-Africa are bracing for the impact. As a result, not only continental challenges facing the labour and logistic sectors will continue to impact the food supply chain, but also the problems affecting our trade partners will continue to grow. 
30th March 2020
COVID-19 is also driving innovation! Sifted, a platform for Europe's innovators and entrepreneurs has compiled a list of startups, food-related and more.
27th March 2020
Natural & Organic Products Europe Cancelled for 2020 - Natural Products News 
The event organisers were informed that the exhibition venue, ExCel London, is instead being repurposed into a temporary hospital for the National Health Service. As a result, the next Natural & Organic Products Europe is planned for 18th - 19th April 2021. 
25th March 2020
The European Commission's Support of the Agri-Food Sector - European Commission 
The commitments to the EU's agri-food sector including the amount of state aid available to farmers as well as food processing and marketing companies. Furthermore "Green Lanes" were created to ensure the fast border crossing of goods including agri-food products. 
19th March 2020
Joint Commitment to Food Access Despite Country Border Delays - FoodDrinkEurope
Europe’s food supply chain is working hard to ensure access to affordable and quality food and drink as "delays and disruption at country borders have been observed for the delivery of certain agricultural and manufactured products, as well as packaging materials." FoodDrinkEurope communicated in a statement end of last week.
18th March 2020
Governmental Assurances of Continuous Food Supply - Foodnavigator 
Whether as a consumer or a business in the food industry, the state of our food and ingredient supplies are currently at the forefront of our minds. The message from governments so far has been clear. Despite difficult circumstances, all is being done to ensure supply chains are maintained to provide food and necessities. However, people's consumption should still be considerate as drastic demand shifts are a challenge to adapt to. Furthermore, current restrictions may see labour shortages for some food products and as a result, close cooperation and communication with governments is needed so that solutions can be found.
17th March 2020
Foodcircle's Own Overview of COVID-19's Impact  - foodcircle   
How is coronavirus affecting the food industry?  Foodcircle's own article provides an overview of the observed widespread impacts on our supply chains, trade fairs, supermarkets and more! 
9th March 2020
Food Is Not a Source or Transmitter of COVID-19 - European Food Safety Authority 
Although the initial infection in Wuhan, China, most likely came from an animal, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) currently does not believe food to transmit the virus. As past respiratory diseases have not been observed to carry the disease, experts currently believe this also to be true of the coronavirus. 


3rd March 2020
Tradeshows - expocheck
As many of you are perhaps already aware, many tradeshows are being cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus. Regular updates regarding many trade shows can be found here at


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