Our Top 5 Platforms for European Organic Food Industry Updates

Stay in the know with news and insights from New Food Magazine, IFOAM Organics International, Internet of Food and Farms, Farmer’s Weekly, and Ag Funder News.

New Food

Over the past two decades, this UK-based online and bi-monthly print magazine has successfully established itself as a prominent thought leadership platform for the food and beverage industry.

Via a broad mix of articles, webinars, podcasts and events, New Food brings over 12,000 key decision-makers in the European food and beverage industry regular updates on consumers, economics, food safety, health and nutrition, ingredients, product developments, regulations and legislation, and sustainability.

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IFOAM Organics International

With over 750 esteemed members in over 127 countries, IFOAM Organics International is a powerful voice in the global organic movement. From fields to consumers, IFOAM Organics International cultivates sustainability in agriculture along the entire value chain. 

By facilitating capacity development for sustainable production, campaigning and acting as a resource centre for organic communications, and advocating and providing support for the creation of a favourable policy environment, IFOAM Organics International is working towards finding and implementing innovative solutions.

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Internet of Food & Farms 2020 (IoF 2020)

IoF is a pan-European project working to consolidate the continent’s leading position in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology through applications in the agri-food sector. In doing so, their primary aim is to solve the European food and farming sectors’ social challenges, maintain competitiveness, and increase sustainability for actors in the industry. 

IoF's ecosystem comprises farmers, food companies, policy-makers, technology providers, research institutes and end-users. The project currently initiates trials across five agricultural sectors—arable crops, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and meat. With 33 use cases running in 22 EU member states, IoF’s impactful solutions are pioneering the integration of the supply and demand sides of IoT technologies in the sector.

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Farmers Weekly 

Established in 1934, Farmers Weekly is a print and online magazine that delivers topical technical information from independent experts to farmers across the United Kingdom to help them manage their businesses more effectively.

Farmers Weekly collects and circulates relevant farming know-how while also covering the latest stories in business, arable, livestock, farm management, machinery, and workshops. Their online space provides comprehensive guides alongside relevant market updates, thereby giving readers quick access to industry knowledge, news, and information.

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Ag Funder News (AFN) - Europe Edition

Based in Silicon Valley, AFN brings readers across the globe news from the food-tech and ag-tech startup and venture capital industry. This online journal publishes investment reports, interviews with leading decision-makers and stakeholders, features on the latest technology trends in food and agriculture, live reports from agri-food-tech conferences, and industry research and data. 

With over 75,000 members and subscribers globally, AFN reaches some of the world’s leading food-tech and ag-tech entrepreneurs, investors, governments, media houses, farmers, and industry professionals.

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