Organic Baobab Powder

Our 100% organic baobab powder is classified as a superfood. It is rich in vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants as well as a series of minerals, including magnesium, iron, zinc, and potassium.

  • Product: 100% organic baobab powder
  • Origin: West Africa

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  •   Pesticides Analysis
  •   Heavy Metals Analysis
  •   Microbiological Analysis 1
  •   Microbiological Analysis 2
  •   Certificate of Analysis
  •   Product Specifications - Standard
  •   Organic Manufacturer Certificate

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  • Store: In a cool (<20°C), dry place away from sunlight
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Packaging: 10 kg bags

Our Organic Baobab Powder

Thanks to its high nutrient density, our organic baobab fruit powder is favoured by customers in the food industry as an ingredient in a wide range of foods, such as cereals, nutrition bars, and nut mixes. It is processed using state-of-the-art technology to ensure the maximum preservation of its natural flavours and micronutrients.

We source our organic baobab fruit powder from West Africa.

We ship our baobab fruit powder in bags on pallets. All shipping costs have been factored into our listed prices.

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Baobab fruit powder is won from the baobab fruit, which grows on the Adansonia tree. The fruit undergoes a six-month drying process on the tree itself before being harvested and processed into a fine, nutrient-rich powder.


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