Organic Raw Nuts & Dried Fruits

Our delightful selection of organic nuts and dried fruits can be purchased in bulk and is suitable for further manufacturing as well as direct repackaging. From Spain to Turkey, Brazil and beyond, we source our products from all corners of the globe, while always guaranteeing the highest industry standards and ensuring that all European food safety regulatory requirements are met. Thanks to our close relationships with our selected suppliers as well as our aggregation of group orders, our wholesale raw nuts and fruits are available at highly competitive prices.

Whether you are looking to buy whole hazelnuts, shelled walnut halves or natural whole almonds, all our nuts are 100% organic, making them rich both in flavours and in nutrients. The same holds true for our organic rasins as well as any other dried fruits in our portfolio. Simply head over to the individual product pages for more specifications on uses, certifications, and sampling. Feel free to contact us directly if you are interested in ordering nuts or dried fruits in specific forms that may not yet be listed on our site, such as roasted, chopped, or skinned. Our team is always happy to assist you!