Organic Hemp Seeds

Our highly nutritious 100% organic hemp seeds are classified as a superfood. They can be consumed as a snack, sprinkled on salads, or added as an ingredient to cooked meals and baked goods.

  • Product: 100% organic hemp seeds
  • Variants: seeds are shelled but available as whole on request
  • Origin: available both from EU and non-EU origin

We deliver EXPRESS SAMPLES upon request in the EU.

Available versions:

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  • Allergens: None
  • Store: In a cool (<25°C), dry place away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Shelf life: 15 months
  • Packaging: 20 kg bags


Our organic hemp seeds are an excellent source of plant-based protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Hemp seeds are renowned for being a complete protein source, meaning they contain all essential amino acids. They are also high in Vitamin E and minerals, such as potassium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

We source our organic hemp seeds from processers in the European Union. The seeds are grown on certified organic farms both in the EU and outside the EU. Prices displayed are related to the non-EU origin seeds. Please contact a representative from our Sales Team for updated prices for EU origin seeds.

We ship our wholesale organic hemp seeds in 20 kg paper bags in bulk. All shipping costs have been factored into our listed prices.

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Hemp seeds are won from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which is the same plant species as the marijuana plant. The difference between the two is that hemp plants contain significantly lower levels of THC than marijuana plants, with about 0.3% and up to 30% respectively. Only in recent years have hemp seeds evolved into a trending superfood in Western markets. In other parts of the world, they have been a staple for centuries. Today, hemp seeds are often referred to as 'hemp hearts' by consumers.

Our shelled organic hemp seeds are obtained via a mechanical process of crushing raw hemp seeds before isolating them from their shells via air separation. Health benefits attributed to the consumption of hemp seeds include the potential to support skin disorders, reduce the risk of heart disease, support digestion, and alleviate symptoms associated with PMS.


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