Organic Cocoa Liquor

Our 100% organic cocoa liquor is obtained from organic cacao beans of the highest quality. It is commonly used as an ingredient in the food industry for biscuits, puddings, spreads, syrups, and more.

  • Product: 100% organic cocoa liquor

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  • Fat levels: Min. 52%
  • Store: At room temperature (<20°C) and low humidity (<70%), keep away from products with a strong smell
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Packaging: 25 kg cartons

Our Organic Natural Cocoa Liquor

Our organic cocoa liquor is made from 100% organic, whole cocoa beans that have been fermented, dried, roasted, and separated from their skins. Upon taking on the form of cacao nibs, they are then carefully ground to a paste in a series of stages to retain the natural fat content of the nibs and ensure the finest texture possible. The result is a delectable chocolate liquor.

Our organic cocoa liquor is sourced from high-quality organic cocoa beans.

We ship our wholesale cocoa liquor in 25 kg cartons in bulk on 1,000 kg pallets. All shipping costs have been factored into our listed prices.

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Cocoa beans differ by region in South America & Africa. Hence, each bean has its own characteristics and profile depending on its source. Cocoa liquor is also known in the industry under the names 'chocolate liquor', 'cocoa paste', and 'cocoa mass'.


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