Organic Cocoa Powder

Our 100% certified organic cocoa powder is primarily used as an ingredient for the production of consumables, such as cakes, cookies, snack bars, and chocolate-flavoured drinks.

  • Origin: Sierra Leone
  • LOW Cadmium: <0.6 ppm cadmium levels
  • Fat levels: Alkalized (10-12% or 20-22%) and Natural (10-12%)

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  • Allergens: No dairy, nuts, gluten
  • Free from: Active lipase and proteinase
  • Store: In a cool (15 - 20°C), dry (ERH max. 65%), and dark place
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Packaging: 25 kg bags


Our organic cocoa powder is available in bulk for wholesale both in its natural and alkalized forms. Our natural organic cocoa powder is light in colour, richly acidic in taste, and promises cocoa in its purest form. Our alkalized cocoa powder is darker, more mellow in flavour, and more soluble than its natural counterpart. Both undergo strict quality controls and are compliant with EU regulations, including <0.6 ppm CADMIUM levels.

Our organic cocoa is available in various sizes depending on the needs of the buyer. Among the several certifications that we offer there are the following: ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP, Organic (SKAL), RainForest Alliance MB (450€/mt premium), UTZ MB (200€/mt premium), Kosher and Halal.

Source & Origin
Our organic cocoa powder is sourced from organic farms in West Africa and produced from the highest grade cocoa pods.

We ship all our orders in bulk on pallets. We deliver our organic cocoa powder at wholesale prices in 25 kg bags; each pallet holds 30 bags and weighs 750 kg. All shipping costs have been factored into our listed prices.

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In the food industry, you will often see alkalized organic cocoa referred to as 'Dutch cocoa' or 'European style cocoa'. Generally speaking, organic cocoa powder contains Polyphenols, natural antioxidants that are said to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation amongst a long list of other health benefits.

Whether in its natural or alkalized form, our organic cocoa powder is processed to ensure food safety standards are met. Cocoa powder is won from the cacao fruit by removing the cacao beans. The beans are fermented, dried, roasted, and cracked into nibs. The cocoa butter is then extracted from the nibs by pressing them into a paste known as chocolate liquor. Finally, this is dried and ground into cocoa powder. Alkalized organic cocoa powder undergoes an additional process in which it is washed in a potassium carbonate solution to neutralise its acidity and increase its solubility.


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